Global Relay And PageFreezer Announce Partnership To Provide Website Archiving for Compliance and eDiscovery

Website and Blog Archiving Added To Growing List of Services Offered to Global Relay Customers

New York, NY – May 22, 2012 — Global Relay, the world leader in cloud-based message archiving, and PageFreezer, a leading provider of website archiving solutions, today announced a technology partnership to enable Global Relay customers to create a permanent record of any website or blog.

Financial industry regulations require that online business communications — including websites, blogs, email, instant messaging and social media — be archived in their original formats and produced if required for legal or regulatory purposes. The partnership between Global Relay and PageFreezer ensures a complete records retention solution that will now also include preservation of websites for broker-dealers, hedge funds, investment advisors, private equity funds and public companies.

This innovative solution lets customers view and replay archived websites exactly as they were presented online at any given point in time. This includes virtually any type of web content, including pages, links, blogs, videos, audio, Flash content and JavaScript-based features. PageFreezer technology can archive sites on a continuous basis, not just a weekly or monthly snapshot – meaning that all changes are preserved, no matter when they have occurred.  An intuitive "timeline" interface lets customers pinpoint the changes to their websites over time.

"PageFreezer's solution for archiving websites perfectly complements Global Relay's offerings for regulatory compliance, message archiving and supervision," said Tracey Straub, Director, Strategic Initiatives with Global Relay. "Through this partnership with PageFreezer, websites and blogs are the latest addition to the growing list of archived content types available to Global Relay customers to meet the compliance regulations for electronic recordkeeping, supervision and advertising."

The benefits of web and message archiving services are not limited to regulatory compliance. Companies of every size are searching for workable ways to preserve their online activity for personal access, legal or eDiscovery preparedness, and preservation of "brand heritage". Together, Global Relay and PageFreezer will be providing an unparalleled solution that works for everyone, increasing the customer base for both companies.

"What Global Relay does for email and social media archiving, PageFreezer does for website and blogs — which makes it much easier for firms and advisors to stay compliant," said Michael Riedyk, PageFreezer CEO. "We are excited about combining forces with a prestigious company like Global Relay, and working with them to deliver seamless archiving solutions for the financial industry."

In recent years, financial regulators have been challenged to apply existing regulations to emerging web content, including websites with interactive and dynamic features. Such web content is much more challenging to securely capture, store, and search than more traditional communication methods. Global Relay and PageFreezer are working to fill that gap by preserving web content in its original format.

About PageFreezer is a leading SaaS provider of Website Archiving -- capturing and storing online content in its original format to ensure regulatory compliance and litigation protection for Financial Services, Pharmaceutical, Food, Legal, Government and Fortune 500 companies. PageFreezer operates as a stand-alone SaaS version of website archiving technology by globally operating software company, PageFreezer Software, Inc., with offices in Seattle, Vancouver, Amsterdam -- and was honored as a finalist in both the 2011 Accenture Innovation Awards and the 2012 Red Herring Top 100 Americas Awards.