Global Relay Archiving, Messaging and Compliance Services Added to Agio Technology’s Lineup of Hedge Fund Solutions

Partnership Provides Agio Customers with Global Relay’s Cloud-Based Archiving for Email, Bloomberg, BlackBerry, Social Media And More for Regulatory Compliance

New York, NY – October 22, 2012 Global Relay, the world leader in hosted archiving, messaging and compliance services, today announced a partnership with Agio Technology, the provider of superior managed IT services to the world’s premier hedge funds. In teaming up with Global Relay, Agio adds cloud-based message archiving purpose designed for hedge funds to its suite of managed IT services.

By archiving email, Bloomberg, IM, social media (Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook) and more in the cloud with Global Relay, Agio’s hedge fund clients will stay compliant with SEC regulations triggered by the Dodd-Frank Act, such as those requiring recordkeeping and supervision of electronic messages. Hedge funds also have access to Global Relay’s Legal Team for compliance guidance and expertise. In addition, funds benefit from the Global Relay Audit & eDiscovery Team, which helps customers access and manage their data in the event of litigations, SEC exams or other legal actions.

In the US, UK, Asia and around the world, Global Relay archives the electronic messaging data of more hedge funds than every other archiving vendor combined, with an estimated 70% of this market. In addition to email archiving, hedge funds find particular value in the accuracy, completeness and flexibility of Global Relay’s archiving service for Bloomberg messages. Global Relay also provides the world’s largest selection of mobile apps to access archived messages, with proprietary apps for iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry and Android, along with a Microsoft Outlook plug-in and web browser access.

“It was a natural choice to partner with Global Relay, in part because of the company’s track record in financial services and their independently verified security and internal controls,” said Garvin McKee, Managing Director of Business Development at Agio. “Message archiving is a mission-critical service in the hedge fund industry, as regulatory compliance depends on it. Funds need to have certainty that their data is being handled by a capable firm like Global Relay.”
“The Dodd-Frank Act dramatically increased the number of hedge funds, private equity funds and investment advisors that are subject to SEC requirements for the retention and monitoring of electronic messages like email, Bloomberg, BlackBerry, social media and many others,” said Shannon Rogers, Global Relay President & General Counsel. “Like Global Relay, Agio Technology is widely respected for its expertise in hedge funds. This partnership will enable both of our companies to serve even more of the hedge fund market.”

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