Global Relay Enables Financial Community to Leverage Twitter as a Revenue-Generating Tool While Remaining Compliant

Enhanced Global Relay Archive for Twitter Lets Firms Use Twitter for Marketing While Meeting SEC and FINRA Regulations for Social Media

New York, NY - August 2, 2012 — Global Relay, the world leader in cloud-based archiving, messaging and compliance, today announced the latest version of Global Relay Archive for Twitter. Designed and developed in-house by Global Relay, it automatically captures, indexes and archives Twitter communications. This allows companies to stay compliant while leveraging the Twitter community to connect with customers and boost revenues.

For broker-dealers, investment advisors and other financial firms, Twitter is a powerful marketing tool. However, SEC and FINRA rules mandate recordkeeping and supervisory controls for all electronic correspondence, which includes Twitter. Global Relay Archive for Twitter provides a secure, permanent archive for Twitter data, along with the ability to instantly search across all message types and access an unparalleled range of tools for supervision, monitoring and compliance review.

Global Relay Archive for Twitter is a proprietary Global Relay service, offering a truly rich and intuitive display of archived Twitter messaging. Photos, profiles and tweets (sent, viewed and retweeted) are clearly presented in an easy-to-read “timeline” format, showing exactly “who said what, when”. Changes to users’ profiles will also appear “redlined”, pinpointing the revisions.

"The interface of Global Relay Archive for Twitter, particularly the redline feature, makes it very easy for compliance officers to see exactly what was tweeted, changed or added – in much the same way as with Global Relay Archive for LinkedIn," said Warren Roy, Global Relay Founder and CEO.

Global Relay designed this service to log Twitter users’ activity directly from Twitter, meaning that all Twitter communications will be archived — even tweets originating on smartphones, tablets and home computers. Global Relay Archive for Twitter is easy to set up and administer and does not affect users’ experience on Twitter.

"We developed Global Relay Archive for Twitter to integrate seamlessly with Global Relay Archive, letting firms easily leverage Twitter for marketing and sales," said Shannon Rogers, Global Relay President & General Counsel. " This allows our customers to add Twitter to their existing message Archive to facilitate regulatory compliance, audits, eDiscovery, litigation readiness and more."

In addition to Twitter archiving, Global Relay is the world leader in compliance archiving of email, LinkedIn, Facebook, instant messaging (AOL, MSN, Yahoo!, GoogleTalk), BlackBerry, Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters and more. Marketing, Compliance and Legal can access a record of Twitter interactions with followers on web, Microsoft Outlook, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry and Android.

For customers with in-house archiving systems, Global Relay Archive for Twitter can be configured to provide a secure data feed.

More information about Global Relay Archive for Twitter can be found at or by contacting Global Relay at 1.866.484.6630.