November 12, 2014 – Vancouver, B.C. and Toronto, Ontario

Global Relay controls its destiny by controlling its technology.

Once a three-person email archiving service, the Vancouver provider of critical business and compliance services  now employs more than 350 people and counts 22 of the world’s 25 top banks as customers.

Privately held and employee controlled, its success is fueled by a focus on the future that seen its R&D team work with its head in the cloud for years.

The company’s success story was celebrated tonight when Global Relay was named one of the most innovative information and communication companies in Canada by the Information Technology Association of Canada (ITAC), the nation’s ICT industry association.

The accolades were accompanied by the presentation of the coveted Ingenious Award, a prize recognizing excellence in the innovative use of information technology to achieve business results. The company was the national winner in the Small/Medium Public Sector category.

Global Relay provides archiving, eDiscovery, and supervision services to 20,000 customers in 90 countries, including 22 of the top 25 banks.

Ingenious Award

Quick Facts

·       How much data does it store? Terabytes and petabytes per client.  Customer can store billions of messages in a single archive while adding millions of new messages each day.

·        The recovery of the information in a search can be done in fractions of a second.

·       Global Relay recently built a $24 million green data centre powered by hydroelectricity.

·        The company has also invested $15 million in redesigning its archiving architecture.

·        The Information Technology Association of Canada is the voice of the ITC sector in Canada. It has been operating the Ingenious Awards since 2011.

·       The Ingenious Awards Program was designed to showcase the achievements of innovative Canadians organizations that use technology to build competitive enterprises and strengthen the Canadian economy.

·       The Information and Communications Technology sector creates one million direct and indirect jobs and generates $155 billion in annual revenue


“Global Relay has leveraged its exploration of innovative technology options to grow from a local email archiving service to an international powerhouse. Its careful planning, commitment to R&D and a vision focused on the future, makes Global Relay a company for others to use as a role model.  We hope that recognizing this innovation serves as a reminder that any Canadian organizations can be a global leader if they think creatively and draw on the advantages technology affords.”

-        Karna Gupta, President and CEO, Information Technology Association of Canada


“We are truly honored to be named by ITAC as an Ingenious Award winner; this is great recognition of Global Relay’s strength in developing and operating innovative technologies on a world scale over the past 15 years. Our cloud-based ‘big data’ messaging technologies are redefining collaboration in the financial world and we are immensely proud of building a global company that brings foreign revenue back to Canada and provides hundreds of professional jobs for Canadian workers.”

-        Warren Roy, CEO & Founder

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Steve Proctor

Communications Director

ITAC| Information Technology Association of Canada