Global Relay Data Centers

Mirrored, redundant, and secure

Building for the future

We are committed to being a long-term, independent player in cloud archiving and information governance. To that end, we have invested heavily in owning our technology stack. We control every aspect of our private cloud — from the software that powers our services, to the servers and networks on which these services run, to our primary data center. This primary data center is a custom-built, green facility that we designed and operate from the ground up. It is currently mirrored with a secure co-location facility equipped with a dedicated Global Relay cage.

Why have we invested in our own data center?

As we continue to develop new technologies and onboard new customers, we must quickly scale without compromising our rock-solid reliability and security. Our private green data center ensures we can meet the high standards our customers expect of us. A $60 million capital investment, this facility is a major milestone for our company and a significant investment in our future.


Our private data center provides a number of benefits for our customers and our company:


We provide services to more than 20,000 customers, including some of the largest multinational organizations. The ever increasing volumes of data these customers produce require massive storage capacity. The 200-rack, 5,000 server, 4-Megawatt capacity of our private data center provides ample resources to meet the needs of this rapidly growing global customer base.

Flexibility & Scalability

Our in-house R&D team continually develops new technologies that require dramatic increases in server capacity and computing power. With our own data center, we have the flexibility and scalability to implement and operate the most innovative and complex technologies and services.


Our private data center is entirely designed, owned, and operated by Global Relay, and not shared with any other organization. This level of control over our computing environment gives us an unprecedented level of reliability and data security.



Global Relay services run on true enterprise systems, servers, and storage architecture. We use clustered, fully redundant configurations and automatic failovers, eliminating or minimizing single points of failure. In order to address compliance, availability, and business continuity needs, we host our private cloud in two mirrored SOC-audited data centers separated by more than 2,500 miles. In the unlikely event of a disaster or other significant business disruption, services fail over to the secondary data center.


We route network traffic between two redundant Tier 1 ISPs. Our two mirrored data centers are connected by redundant WANs. The primary data center is 100% fiber to the rack. We independently manage our network using active-passive redundant BGP routers, with complete control over routing in both optimal and sub-optimal conditions.

Physical & Environmental Controls

Physical and environmental controls at our two mirrored data centers include:
  • 24x7 uniformed guard service
  • Electronic keycard access and biometric controls
  • Highly restricted facility access
  • Monitored alarms and CCTV
  • Redundant cooling systems
  • Fire detection and suppression systems
  • High sensitivity, early warning smoke detection systems
  • Redundant power through uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems and backup generators
  • Regular testing and maintenance
  • Regular SOC2 audits