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Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and Sunshine Laws help provide transparency into federal, state and local government activities, but also create unique challenges around the capture, management and production of public records.

The sustained growth of email, social media, text messaging and enterprise collaboration platforms have forced public sector organizations to keep pace in an ever-evolving digital landscape – often with unintended consequences.

Global Relay is the leading provider of cloud-based electronic records management and messaging services. We design cutting-edge technology that allows public sector organizations to affordably capture and retain its e-communications, while providing access to built-in tools that enable rapid responsiveness to public records requests, investigations and litigation demands –
all from a single, unified platform.

Governments Face Significant Challenges

Records Requests
Slow search performance across multiple non-integrated systems makes servicing high volumes of records requests annually cumbersome and inefficient
Budget & Resources
You are more than familiar with the proverbial question from management: “So, what does it cost?” The ability to deliver more with less is mission critical for lean IT teams.
Exponential growth of e-communications requires modern solutions that can seamlessly scale, regardless of communication platform, headcount or messaging volumes
Manual Processes Introduce Risk
Preserving official business records is often times left to the discretion of the employee. For example, dragging and dropping emails into an archive folder drains productivity and introduces unnecessary risks
Data Migration
Migrating away from legacy platforms requires the proper expertise, time and resources – a daunting task for IT teams focused on day-to-day operations and customer service
Signed up for a new service and now left to fend for yourself with nothing but how-to documents? You need dedicated vendor expertise & resources to see the project through to completion
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Global Relay Archive for Government

Find out how government organizations affordably capture and retain their e-communications and rapidly respond to public records requests, investigations and litigation demands – all from a single, unified platform.

Electronic Records Management Made Simple

Benefits of Global Relay Archive

Cost Savings
Reduce operational costs with predictable pricing suited for all government organizations – from local municipalities to the largest state and federal agencies
Seamless Integration & Capture
Capture, store, and integrate over 60 data types, including email, instant messaging, mobile, social media, and enterprise collaboration – no software or hardware required
Automated Journaling
Ensure data completeness and accuracy, and avoid risks from manually moving data files into an archive folder, through automated journaling
Efficient Search & Retrieval
Search rapidly through millions of records, and action open records requests across all eComm types via enterprise-wide ‘single search and return’
Share Records Securely Online
Provide secure access to records requests through an intuitive user interface, while prohibiting access to privileged, personal, and restricted information
Unparalleled Scalability
Scale seamlessly for increasing user counts and data volumes – with no system performance or speed issues
Data Security & Privacy
Benefit from SOC-audited data centers with redundant systems and 24x7x365 monitoring, military-grade data encryption, defense in-depth strategies, and a well-trained staff
Analytics & Machine Learning
Obtain business intelligence and actionable insights from eComms data using embedded analytics and machine learning tools
Unmatched Service & Support
Dedicated account management and 24x7x365 live support via phone, email and web – how can we help you?
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  • Florida Chamber of Commerce
  • Salem Township
  • Town of Pilot Mountain

Comprehensive Solutions for Government Organizations

From messaging and collaboration tools, to seamless data migration, to secure and unified archiving, Global Relay provides government organizations with comprehensive solutions.

Global Relay Archive for Government

Global Relay's industry-leading archiving system:

  • Captures, stores, and produces all eComms records from a single, unified platform that supports 60+ data types
  • Reduce costs, minimizes risks, and eliminates dependencies on disparate technologies by implementing a single system of record for all eComms data
Office 360
Microsoft Exchange
Global Relay Archive for Government Screenshot
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Text Message Capture

Global Relay’s Compliant Virtual Phone:

  • Streamlines operations and compliantly captures text messages from corporate and employee-owned devices
  • Separates business from personal texts, syncs address book contacts, and allows sharing of files/photos from web, desktop, and mobile apps

Data Migration Services

Global Relay’s data migration tools and services facilitate transitioning from legacy platforms to Global Relay Archive

Global Relay Extractor for EV

Natively extracts on-premise Veritas Enterprise Vault data and migrates it to Global Relay Archive

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Data Import
  • Unifies data from disparate archives, on-premise, and third-party messaging systems into a single repository for rapid online search, eDiscovery, and retrieval
  • De-duplicates, converts, and imports historical data into a unified archive, with a defensible chain of custody that meets stringent regulatory and legal standards
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External Delivery

Populates Data Lake or incumbent archive by capturing, converting, and delivering 60+ data types via SMTP or SFTP

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Legacy Data Import Process

  • Import Planning
  • Data transferred to Global Relay
  • Data conversion
  • Reconcile & sign-off
  • Import
  • Post import reconcile
  • Customer verification
  • Close Project