Enable the Cloud Storage option for Zoom Chat and/or the Third Party Archiving option for Zoom Meetings
Authenticate using Global Relay-supplied SMTP delivery address and other credentials
Configure selective archiving at the group level, if applicable


By centralizing all your Zoom communications in
Global Relay's secure, private cloud repository, you can:

Comprehensive Capture
Capture and preserve your Zoom chats, comments, audio/video and screen sharing recordings, polls, files, and Q&A
Unified Archiving
Store your Zoom data in a single, unified repository along with your email, social media, IM, text messaging, and other
e-communications data
Powerful Tools
Leverage class-leading compliance supervision, analytics, eDiscovery, and legal hold tools to mitigate risk and profit from your data
Seamless Integration
Get all of your Zoom content conveniently delivered via SMTP, thanks to Global Relay’s seamless integration with Zoom
Identity Management
Automate user, group, and access rights administration through Directory Sync and Single Sign-On
Regulatory Compliance
Meet the stringent requirements of the SEC, FINRA, GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, and other regulators

Global Relay captures over 50 different data types, including Zoom messaging.

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