Global Relay Message | Text

Don't be left in the dark with a no-texting policy

Integrated Compliant Archiving
Streamline your operations. Regulatory compliance, archiving, supervision, and eDiscovery tools are built right into Global Relay Archive
Address Book Sync
Access your phone’s local contacts to start a Text for Message conversation
Compliant Texting Made Simple
Send text messages from any Global Relay Message client (desktop, iOS, Android) to any recipient with real-time synchronization across all clients
Separate Business & Personal Texts
Only texts sent and received through Global Relay Message are archived, allowing compliant capture of business communications while keeping personal texts out of your archive
Enable BYOD
Text for Global Relay Message can easily be setup on employee-owned phones allowing you to support a BYOD policy while removing the expense of company-supplied devices

Download our White Paper: Your “No-Texting” Policy Is Not Defensible


Global Relay Message is also available for desktop and web.

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