When you're involved in an audit, litigation, or other investigation, you need an effective way to organize, review, classify, and share potentially relevant data.

Global Relay case management tools can help you:
  • Identify, segregate, and manage potentially responsive data
  • Classify data with custom tags
  • Share case data and activity with authorized users to support collaborative review


Iterative searching. Iteratively conduct and refine searches to identify potentially relevant data sets.

Data management. Segregate and organize potentially relevant data in cases and case folders.

Intuitive case creation. Create cases either from scratch, or based on a pre-existing case.

Case activity tracking. Log case creation and modification.

Configurable workflows. Customize case toolbars, add case descriptions and notes, and choose between 'case' and 'Archive' views.

Data classification. Classify case data using configurable, case-specific tags (e.g. responsive, non-responsive, or privileged).

Flexible access controls. Securely share cases and case data with internal or external users via granular permissions.


Prepare for audits and litigation. Our case management tools allow you to collect data related to ongoing or potential legal cases for easy retrieval and production at a later date.

Easily share and collaborate. With case folders and granular access permissions, it’s easy to grant external counsel or other parties access to exactly the data they need to see.

Make sense of your data. Cases, folders, and tags make it simple to organize your data and prevent important information from getting lost in the noise.

Protect confidential information. Data can be tagged as attorney-client privileged, personal, or restricted. This data can then be easily identified and excluded from production.