The cost and complexity of eDiscovery continues to rise. If your organization is targeted in a lawsuit or chooses to initiate litigation, you need immediate access to historical email and other electronic communications to prove your case and protect your organization. If you do not have an eDiscovery solution in place, the costs associated with retrieving 'deleted' data or information stored on unsophisticated backup systems can be enormous.

Our eDiscovery solution ensures your organization is always litigation-ready. Global Relay Archive captures, processes, and preserves your communications data in real time and makes it available for instant search, culling, analysis, review, and production. This greatly simplifies the eDiscovery process by eliminating the need to identify and collect data once litigation is anticipated or triggered. This model can significantly reduce your eDiscovery costs and risks, ensure you retain control of your data, and preserve a clean chain of custody.


With Global Relay, you can reduce your legal risk and transform your organization’s eDiscovery processes and workflows by:

  • Automatically capturing, processing, and storing your communications data on an ongoing basis in Global Relay Archive
  • Eliminating point solutions for eDiscovery that require moving and re-processing data
  • Reducing the effort expended by employees, external legal counsel, and eDiscovery consultants
  • Cutting IT costs


Unified, searchable platform. Conduct eDiscovery across 50 data types simultaneously.

Complete, searchable metadata. Conduct targeted searches on specific data types based on original metadata that is often dropped or ignored by other eDiscovery and archiving systems.

Early case assessment. Conduct early case assessment on scope, data volumes, data types, and custodians.

Advanced search controls. Identify potentially responsive data through granular searches in all languages and character sets - with symbol, case sensitive, proximity, wildcard, Boolean, and other operators.

Iterative data sampling. Calculate results before running a search to determine whether further query refinement is needed.

Alias management. Map all of a custodian’s accounts and data sources to a single individual via a unique ID (e.g. corporate email address or employee ID) to simplify searches and Legal Holds.

Flexible access rights. Use flexible access rights to ensure eDiscovery staff only have access to the data they need to do their jobs.

Online data production. Provide external counsel, opposing counsel, or other third parties with secure, audited access to a controlled data set.

Encrypted data export. Export data to PST or another standard format via an online interface, with the option to engage our in-house Data Services team to assist in organizing and producing complex data sets.

Professional eDiscovery services. Contact our in-house Audit & eDiscovery team for best practices during litigation, or leverage our team’s expertise to perform complex searches on your behalf.


Reduce eDiscovery costs. In a 2012 eDiscovery study by the RAND Corporation, participants incurred 27% of eDiscovery costs during the collection and processing phases of eDiscovery. Global Relay Archive captures, processes, indexes, and classifies 50 data types on an ongoing basis, so you can hit the ground running when you receive a data request and drastically reduce costs during initial eDiscovery phases.

Proactively manage data. Your data is always litigation-ready. Authorized legal counsel and eDiscovery staff can log in anytime to quickly and efficiently conduct searches and early case assessment.

Reduce the IT burden. Eliminate the need for your IT staff to retrieve 'deleted' data or information stored on unsophisticated backup systems or employee devices.

Empower your Legal staff. Give your Legal and other eDiscovery staff flexible, intuitive tools to identify, manage, and analyze potentially responsive data - no IT background or assistance required.

Maintain a clean chain of custody. With Global Relay, there is no need to collect data from insecure sources or shift data between multiple systems. Data remains securely stored and audited within Global Relay Archive from identification to production - ensuring data integrity and a clean chain of custody.

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