On a typical day, your employees are flooded with a huge volume and variety of electronic communications. These communications contain critical information about your organization's day-to-day operations - information that can help your employees make decisions and do their jobs more efficiently. Providing your employees with quick access to their own historical communications can help boost their productivity and save them time.

With Global Relay, you can give your employees the tools they need to search and manage their own archived communications. Because Global Relay Archive supports more than 50 data types, employees can retrieve any past conversation — no matter what communication method was used.


Outlook integration. Install our Outlook plug-in on employee desktops to integrate Global Relay services with existing email workflows.

Mobile apps. Use secure apps for iOS, Android, and BlackBerry to provide all employees with real time access to their data wherever they are.

One-click recovery. Users can recover any historical message to their inboxes with a single click - no IT assistance required.

Unified search. Users can search across 50 data types with a single query - including email, IM, text messaging, and social media posts.

Secure, restricted access. Use role-based access controls to ensure employees only have access to their own data (including shared mailboxes, if applicable).

Single sign-on (SSO). Integrate Global Relay services with your SAML-based IdP to provide employees with secure, seamless access to Global Relay services - no separate login required.

Multi-lingual interface. Provide employees with an intuitive interface available in 8 languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Japanese, and Chinese (Simplified and Traditional).


Improve customer service. Your employees can quickly search for all communications to or from a particular customer, no matter what platform was used, This includes email, instant messages, texts, social media posts, and many more. This helps sales staff track previous conversations — before a big client meeting, for example.

Search chat conversations. Employees often need to refer to past chat conversations. However, instant messaging clients like AOL Instant Messenger aren’t designed for long-term storage. Global Relay enables employees to quickly and easily find any past conversation. The entire conversation thread is displayed, showing the full context.

Save your IT department’s time. When employees can retrieve any historical communication themselves, they don’t need to contact the IT department when an email or other message is lost or accidentally deleted.

Reduce dependence on Exchange/Outlook. Limits on mailbox sizes are no longer a nuisance when all emails are preserved in Global Relay Archive. Users can delete emails from their inbox anytime, knowing that a permanent copy is always available within a few section. As well, the superior search capabilities that we provide are a solution to the limited search tools available within Outlook.