Your employees constantly communicate with colleagues, customers, partners, and counterparties. These communications distribute critical information and contain unique documentation of your daily operations. But with thousands, or even millions, of communications sent and received every day, it can be difficult to regulate and monitor what your employees, customers, and other external stakeholders are saying.

Compliance Reviewer gives you the tools to efficiently supervise large volumes of email, IM, texts, social media, and other communications. Our policy-based approach helps you ensure adherence to internal policies and regulatory requirements, reduce legal risks, and protect your corporate reputation.


Compliance Reviewer is a set of flexible tools for online monitoring and review of corporate communications. These tools include:

  • Automatic policy-based flagging of potential violations
  • Advanced search controls for ad hoc investigations
  • Intuitive review and workflow tools to conduct document supervision activities
  • Detailed reporting to monitor your supervisory program and assess its effectiveness
Regulatory compliance.

Financial firms are required to supervise their communications under FINRA Rule 3110, SEC Rule 204-2, IIROC Rule 29.7, and other regulations. These regulations require you to implement a supervisory program that is appropriate for your business lines, size, and risk. With Compliance Reviewer, you can automatically detect violations of regulatory requirements such as:

  • Providing advice or recommendations that do not meet suitability or fiduciary standards
  • Overstating the performance or minimizing the risk of a financial product
  • Front running or insider trading
Risk management.

Your organization is liable for all communications distributed through corporate systems. Implementing a supervisory program can help you identify and manage legal exposure and other risks before they damage your corporate reputation and operations. Compliance Reviewer helps you automatically detect risks such as:

  • Potential litigation or other legal action against your organization or specific employees
  • Improper gifts and entertainment expenses in excess of legal or corporate limits
  • Distribution of confidential information outside of your organization
HR and other corporate policies.

Employees must comply with acceptable use, ethical standards, and other corporate policies in all business-related activities, including electronic communications. Compliance Reviewer helps you detect policy violations such as:

  • Use of offensive language
  • Sharing passwords or other sensitive credentials
  • Use of company time or systems to conduct job searches
  1. Your administrators or compliance personnel configure pre-built or custom policies based on your organization’s business lines, size, and risks - with assistance from our Training team as needed.
  2. Compliance Reviewer scans each communication against your configured policies as it is imported into Global Relay Archive.
  3. If there is a match, Compliance Reviewer flags the communication for review by your Compliance, Security, or HR teams.
  4. Authorized staff can:
    • Take action on flagged communications with intuitive review tools
    • Conduct ad hoc investigations with advanced search controls.


Unified supervision. Monitor and review more than 45 data types in a single system and interface, with options to enforce policies across all communications or create data type-specific policies.

Automatic, policy-based flagging. Implement precise supervision policies to automatically flag communications. Base your policies on any combination of:
  • Lexicons: Create lists of keywords and phrases tailored to each type of violation (e.g. front running or gifts and entertainment), with Boolean, proximity, exact phrase, and other advanced operators to increase precision. Lexicon matches are highlighted for quick review.
  • Metadata: Target your policies on relevant communications by using metadata criteria such as sender, recipient, region, department, data type, and attachment type.
  • Random sampling: Specify random sampling percentages to three decimal places.

Pre-built policies. Leverage our policy catalog to quickly implement policies such as Anti-Money Laundering, Front Running, Fair and Balanced Advice, Customer Complaints, and Offensive Language. We have built our policy catalog based on best practices and more than 15 years of experience.

Custom policies. Create and enforce custom policies tailored to your organization’s specific business lines and risks.

Policy exclusions. Minimize false positives by excluding disclaimers, boilerplate, attorney-client privileged communications, and other low risk or restricted content from triggering a policy match.

Intuitive policy management. Provide your administrators and senior compliance staff with intuitive tools to create, review, and manage supervisory policies – no IT knowledge or assistance required.

Multi-tier supervisory structure. Enforce segregation of duties and expedite escalation of issues to senior staff with role-based access controls. Compliance Reviewer can support everything from a small firm where the CCO conducts daily reviews to multinational organizations with a complex three lines of defense structure across multiple entities, regions, and countries.

Granular access rights. Route communications to appropriate reviewers based on user, group, case folder, or other criteria. To meet privacy and confidentiality requirements, reviewers cannot search or review communications outside of their defined access rights.

Compliance dashboard. Quickly filter review queues by policy type, status, date, and other criteria.

One-click review. Use pre-set tags to take action on communications with one click, with the option to add notes to justify decisions. After selecting a tag, reviewers are automatically advanced to the next communication in their review queue.

Wizard commands. Create wizards to simplify workflows and perform multiple actions with one click (e.g. tag a message as Escalated, add it to a case folder, and send an alert email to a senior compliance officer).

Ad hoc investigations. Use advanced search controls to conduct further investigation on a flagged communication or a targeted investigation on a specific employee or issue.

Audit trails. Document the full lifecycle of every communication, including any reviews and related actions taken.

Detailed reporting. Generate ad hoc and scheduled reports to provide proof of review, monitor the activities of compliance staff and other reviewers, and assess the effectiveness of your supervisory policies.

Professional services. Leverage the experience and expertise of our team to design and implement a supervisory program based on industry best practices.


Comply with regulatory requirements. Regulators such as the SEC and FINRA require financial firms to implement risk-based supervisory programs of corporate communications. Compliance Reviewer provides your organization with flexible tools to build and maintain a program that meets your specific needs. Our experienced team will work with you to build, assess, and continually improve your policies and workflows – minimizing false positives and maximizing reviewer productivity.

Identify risks and issues early. Because a large percentage of business is conducted through electronic communications, proactive supervision of these communications can help you identify and manage legal exposure and other risks before they damage your corporate reputation and operations.

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