Operating multiple systems and modules creates data silos and adds unnecessary complexity to your technology environment. Managing maintenance, security, and user support for these systems can easily turn into a full-time task.

Global Relay offers integrated archiving, search, analytics, and messaging applications on a single cloud platform. Our services are scalable, secure, fault tolerant, and mobile. Best of all, you can provide business users with intuitive tools that empower them to solve problems on their own - without relying on IT.


  • Eliminate ongoing maintenance, storage costs, software licensing fees, and hardware expenditures. We fully manage and support our cloud services - freeing your internal resources to focus on your core business.
  • Meet your archiving, information governance, and messaging requirements through simple monthly user fees. Our subscription fees are consistent and flexible to adapt to your evolving needs.
  • Reduce reliance on IT. We give users the tools and data they need to do their work and solve their own problems.
  • Eliminate the complexity of multiple system modules and components. We provide all of our services on a single platform with flexible role-based access controls.
  • Preserve all corporate communications in a unified repository. We store 50 data types in a common format with federated search and policy management.
  • Manage all users and roles from a central administrative platform.
  • Ensure a single point of accountability. We own and operate our entire technology stack – software, hardware, and primary data center.
  • Benefit from the full redundancy, massive scalability, and multi-layered security of our systems – all backed by expert support. Cloud-based archiving, compliance, and eDiscovery solutions have always been our core business.
  • Track all data capture. We can send you daily archiving and reconciliation reports to ensure everything is working.
  • Keep your data safe, even in a catastrophic event, with real-time mirroring between two SOC-audited data centers. We have never lost a message in 17 years of operations.
  • Contact senior technical support personnel 24x7x365. No long waits, no voicemail, no IVR systems, no call centers.
  • Support your firm’s ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) policy with compliant archiving for mobile devices
  • Automate user management with Directory Sync. No need to recreate your organizational hierarchies or manage separate systems.
  • Integrate trading platforms, bots, or custom clients into Global Relay Message.

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