Organizations are scrambling to manage a daily torrent of emails, IMs, text messages, and other electronic communications. If you do not have a proactive eDiscovery solution in place to capture and manage this data, it is nearly impossible to promptly produce evidentiary quality records without incurring huge costs.

Global Relay services are designed for eDiscovery. We provide efficient tools for collaboration, legal holds, case management, and data production. With Global Relay, your organization is always litigation ready - helping you cut costs, save staff time, and promptly produce responsive data.


  • Eliminate point solutions for eDiscovery that require moving and re-processing data.
  • Reduce risk and ensure defensible data preservation with true automation of the legal hold process.
  • Automatically classify data to preserve 'point in time' facts and simplify eDiscovery searches.
  • Find any communication in seconds – unparalleled search performance and precision ensure you can find critical data when you need it.
  • Quickly conduct early case assessment on scope, data volumes, data types, and custodians.
  • Use search analytics to zero in on relevant data and find that 'needle in the haystack.'
  • Preserve evidentiary quality copies of all corporate communications, including original metadata for each data type.
  • Restrict access to privileged, personal, and other sensitive communications.
  • Establish an unbiased chain of custody maintained by an independent third party.
  • Get expert assistance with eDiscovery searches and data production from our Audit & eDiscovery and Data Services teams.
  • Enforce retention schedules and defensibly delete expired data.
  • Partner with a subject matter expert in regulatory compliance. We specialize in providing compliant solutions for the financial sector and other highly regulated industries.
  • Store your data in an international 'data safe zone' with strong data protection and privacy laws.
  • Physically segregate your data by region, country, legal entity, or other criteria to meet data protection and regulatory requirements.

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