Solutions for Public Companies


The Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) was passed in 2002 after the infamous accounting scandals at Enron and Worldcom. It requires public companies to protect business records from tampering and unauthorized destruction. SOX also mandates corporate accountability, especially when your company is involved in audits, investigations, litigation, or other formal proceedings.

Global Relay Solution

Global Relay Archive helps public companies securely store and retrieve electronic communications for recordkeeping, eDiscovery, audits, and risk management.


Global Relay Archive is an information governance solution for electronic communications. It captures and archives an authentic and complete record of your electronic business communications in a secure but easily accessible cloud repository.

  • Automatically capture communications data, including email, instant messaging, mobile messaging, social media, and more.
  • Preserve and index original metadata for each data type.
  • Retain data for 7 years (or as defined by your internal policies).
  • Store tamperproof copies of each archived communication.
  • Replicate data between two mirrored, SOC-audited data centers in near real time.
  • Full-text index and serialize each archived communication.
  • Search for and retrieve any archived communication in seconds.
  • Log all actions on each archived communication in unalterable audit trails.
  • Migrate your legacy data with a clean and defensible chain of custody.
  • Extend retention terms for Legal Holds and regulatory investigations.


Public companies face significant business and legal risks related to litigation and other liability. Electronic communications can supply valuable evidence in these cases to prove “who said what, when.”

  • Proactively prepare for eDiscovery to reduce effort and costs.
  • Quickly locate relevant communications amid large data volumes.
  • Produce data online for regulators, external legal counsel, and other third parties.
  • Produce data in a standard format for court.
  • Extend retention terms for Legal Holds and anticipated investigations.
  • Leverage our in-house Legal and Audit & eDiscovery teams to assist with audits, subpoenas, and other investigations.
  • Use case management tools to identify, organize, and review data.


Public companies are liable for all communications distributed through their corporate systems. With our set of flexible, turnkey supervision tools, your organization can efficiently enforce its communications policies for compliance, proper usage, and corporate governance.

  • Establish supervisory controls to enforce usage policies, reduce legal risks, and improve employee awareness of potential legal exposure.
  • Create and modify supervision policies and workflows with an intuitive interface and tools.
  • Scan and monitor email, instant messaging, mobile messaging, social media, and more to identify what information is leaving the organization.
  • Automatically flag communications based on flexible rules that identify prohibited content.
  • View highlighted keyword matches for quick review.
  • Conduct advanced analysis with Boolean logic, criteria lists, proximities, and more.
  • Randomly sample data by percentage or number of communications.
  • Build a multi-tiered review structure for escalation to senior compliance staff.
  • Document supervisory activity in unalterable audit trails, with detailed histories of reviews and related actions taken.

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